Kristen Maxfield

Kristen Maxfield sings so pretty it hurts. When you tell her that, she tosses her head back and laughs. "But it's a good hurt, right?" she asks.

Just when you thought there was no more emotion left in a song to be wrung out over the crowd, Maxfield brings the room to a hush with an impassioned soul-sister send-up that sends chills though the crowd like a goose-bump epidemic.

Maxfield's precious vocal boom is as big as her va-va-voom. At either end of her vocal spectrum hang notes that seem almost out of reach, and perhaps even a little daunting. When on stage and ascending to one of these lofty notes in the upper register, Maxfield frequently points to the note as if to warn that she's on the way to nail got up to belt it out. 
You can vaguely hear the legendary and contemporary influences of Etta James, Joss Stone, and James Arthur throughout her tone and attack, but nobody really sticks out. Kristen has her own voice, her own sound, setting her apart from any artist of today's time.

Maxfield, a young, red-headed beauty, resides in Rochester, NY, bringing fans a new sound to her classic soul sound with her new album Intertwined.